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What’s our story?

We love toffee — and just about any other kind of caramelized sugar.

So we started a company, and we named it Hard Crack, a reference to the stage of candy making (around 300-312° F) where sugar is heated to make toffees and brittles.

We make every buttery, rich chunk of toffee that goes into our cookies and sweets in small batches.  And everything that comes out of our kitchen is all natural, contains no additives, preservatives, GMO’s,or rBGH, is OU kosher-certified — and, above all else, is delicious.

Our first creation was the toffee chip cookie: a combination of rich, complex caramelized flavors with not-too-sweet shortbread crispness.

Our newest offering: Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee Nibs!

Look out for new products to come this fall!!


The Hard Crack Team